Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This morning I turned in my faced, button up, flare skirt dress with cuffed sleeve.  Everything we do like this is a variation of the basics we have learned for draping a bodice and skirt.  I like seeing how the different styles are done.  Another A- because my collar was a bit too high in back.  Not too shabby.

In the afternoon we learned how to show a full skirt in Fashion Art & Design.  Here is the start of my picture. 

I still want to make my girls a little thinner but this seems to be my natural proportions for drawing.  Maybe normal sized models will come back into style and I'll be right on track - ha!

In the evening I worked on homework in my room. 

My roommate Katey was freezing so she found a creative solution.

Katey's classmate Eunice was hanging out with us doing homework.

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