Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Goodbye Free Time

I'm going to work backwards for this post...
It's Wednesday night, actually Thursday morning at 1 am and I just finished my creative bodice for tomorrow morning's class.  When I finished I was wondering why it took me 3.5 hours, but then I remembered that I didn't know how to drape anything four weeks ago!  :)  I am curious what kind of grade this will get because it's the first of our creative assignments versus following step by step instructions to learn the basic techniques.  So far I've been an A- student in Prof. Seggio's class.  Hopefully I can bump it up to an A for some lessons!

Tonight I got groceries - love that it's right around the corner, but hate that everything seems to cost twice as much here!  A can of black beans for $2.19?!  Come on!  I had to buy nearly expired spaghetti to pay a normal amount.

After groceries I went to a meeting about Fusion 2010 - the Fashion Show/Competition between Parsons and FIT students.  I am considering applying, however only 15 students are selected and an incredible amount of extra work follows.  I'm not sure if I am sure I want to do it, but there are fantastic opportunities that can follow.  Hmm.

Life Drawing in the afternoon was enjoyable like always.  We had the same model as last week and I really like her body shape and attitude/poses.  To begin, we did quick 1 minute sketches of her changing positions for around 30 minutes total.  It wore out my wrist!  It was a great way to quickly get an outline and a feel for body placement.  The rest of the class was normal 20 minute poses.  Mine look pretty good but I still need to work on hands and feet.  The teacher said those are the most difficult.

My three hour break on Wednesdays is quickly turning into work time.  So much for the laid back hump day.  I started draping my creative bodice front during the break.  I feel like I am going to have to start scheduling time for things like eating and personal hygiene!  I need to clip my friggin fingernails and I can't seem to get it done!

In the morning we had sewing.  My sewing samples seem to be coming together really well.  We're just doing simple seams, hems, and zippers, but you might be surprised at how difficult it can be to get a zipper inserted and stitch around it completely straight.  I hope the rest of the projects in that class go as well for me.

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