Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching up

Even after the relaxing classes yesterday and a nice workout in the evening, I was feeling stressed.  It seems the teachers were right about predicting a meltdown about three weeks in.  Several of my classmates have admitted to breaking down at some point in the last week and I was borderline last night.  Homework wasn't stressing me out as much as overall pressure and feeling backed up on everything at home like laundry, groceries, paperwork and bills.  My desk is a mess so I feel like my life isn't in order!  Several classmates worked until very late last night in the workroom, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.  Now I'm behind them in homework, but I know I have plenty of time this weekend and I think I saved myself from crying all over my muslin.

This morning I felt better, but I certainly wasn't working at my normal pace.  Everyone was draping a swing skirt or circle skirt, and I was still working on my collar to complete the bodice from last class.  I'm still okay with my progress because I understand the lesson so I'll catch up this weekend.

I was able to take care of several things during my lunch hour so my desk started to get into better shape.  I grabbed a quick wrap from the cafe down the block and even had 5 minutes to spare to check out the tables promoting all the school clubs that I won't have time to join!  I picked up some freebies including much needed tote bags.

 This man and his poodle stopped in front of our school to pose for anyone with a camera.  I don't know anything else about him.  He was wonderful.

Pattern making in the afternoon was good.  The bodice I cut from her basic sloper wasn't fitting my dress form well at all and Prof. Underwood pointed out that the mannequin's neck was broken!  You wouldn't believe how beat up some of the forms are.  I am working with one that has a spiral drawn on her breast and most are marked up, some are missing pieces of fabric covering... It's just not in the budget to update them as often as they need.  But students are marking on them and shouldn't be, so I can understand why the school doesn't want to spend a lot there.  At the teacher's suggestion, I changed to a different model with her neck intact and didn't have to make as many adjustments to the bodice, but the whole process took up more time of course. 

Home to catch up on more paperwork and I feel so much better because I can see my desk!  Then I went to Zumba class which was a really good workout with Latin dance inspired moves.  Back home for homework and bed!

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  1. Sounds like you are in your element! Can't wait to see what you create! By the way this is Jenny not Sam, I just use his account