Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Homework

Angela and I decided to have brunch at one of her favorite places and then head to the workroom.  On our way to the lower East Side to get to the restaurant, we stumbled upon this fantastic vintage fair/flea market.  It was like nothing I've ever seen in Iowa or Missouri where old Alf shirts are a treasure... this place had furs, dresses from the forties, fun hats, brooches, etc.  We had so much fun digging through boxes of belts and trying on interesting garments.

Angela liked this crazy material for draping a swing skirt

I got this wool camel blazer for $10!  I passed on the hat and snakeskin purse though.

This super friendly dog was out shopping as well.  I miss my dog, Storm!

Angela loved these crazy pants - we didn't even know which was the front/back at first!  The guy working the booth wouldn't lower his price from $20 though.  She was mad that he took less for my blazer than the Hammer pants.

Old photos.  Interesting to think that pictures from today may someday be sold like these.

We had so much fun shopping that we ended up staying for quite a while.  I got some great elbow high leather gloves that were priced right.  Next door there was even more to see upstairs.  Really old clothes and some amazing fur coats.  We finally made it to the lower East Side but still didn't make it to the Pink Pony to eat because we found a Young Artists Fair.  I enjoyed seeing the creations of people my age.  Some of my favorites were hats and fabulous belt creations made out of ties and zippers.

We managed to start brunch sometime around 3:00 pm! The Pink Pony had flavorful fresh food and the atmosphere was like an old coffee shop with modern touches.

Delicious strawberry pancakes that we shared

And my savory spinach and brie omelet with rosemary roasted potatoes

We stopped to do some homework by shopping through American Apparel for an inspiration piece.  On the way back to the subway, I cracked up when I saw a herd of runners in red dresses!


You go girls!

Antique shop lion

We made it back home right around 5:00 and headed out again to shop/research H&M and make a stop at Barnes and Noble.  I never made it to the workroom!

After a little bit of downtime and a mini nap, it was time to get ready for the evening.  Katherin's friend was having a birthday party and she invited us to go out.  It was a fun time dancing and meeting some of her former coworkers.  We even got cheesecake from the birthday boy, but there weren't any forks so we all looked ridiculous eating straight off the plates!

Katherin, Angela, me & Virginia

What a perfect Saturday spent exploring the city with a friend.  I can try to plan my days, but leaving room for adventures has been so rewarding.


  1. You totally beat me to the post!

  2. Oh and great pictures! I stole them. =)

  3. I think Storm misses you, too. She ate my doughnut yesterday and would not come out of the van today, so I had to drive her back out of the garage to jump out onto the grass. Even a treat was not enough incentive! Love following your adventures by story and pictures. Mom