Monday, January 4, 2010

Wheeling to Hyde Park

I had a fantastic deep tissue massage that really helped my sore neck.  I've had pain for months and the typical sewing posture certainly didn't help!  I felt relaxed and stretched out after the massage. 

I also tried out a facial and learned I don't like them.  I knew to expect stuff on my face of course, but there was a humidifier that blew steam right at me and that made me feel like I was suffocating.  Then every time the girl smeared creams and gels on my face, when she ran her hand under my nose I felt like I was going to drown in the stuff.  Not that she was getting it up my nose or anything, but it was still uncomfortable for me.  Another step was when she massaged lotion into my hands, covered them with plastic bags and heated mitts, and then left aloe serum on my face for 15 minutes of relaxation time.  So, I'm covered with stuff, feel like I'm suffocating, my eyes are covered, and my hands are bound.  Umm... I'm sure it's supposed to feel great, but obviously not my thing! 

Friday night was great - completely opposite of the Alinea meal.  We walked around downtown to get supper. 

Chicago dogs hit the spot after all the intense flavors the night before.  Then we had hot chocolate drinks at the Ghiradelli store that faces the giant HERSHEY store across the street.  Prime chocolate real estate apparently!


Outside the pub next to the hot dog shop.  No one wastes a beer like that - you can tell it's frozen in place!

Saturday we met my sister Carissa and bro in law Brian in Wheeling for lunch.  It was fun to see them and see the northern part of Chicago on our way although we did take the scenic route accidentally.

The lake from Lake Shore Drive.  I was surprised the ice chunks were moving so much - strong winds made for waves and white caps.  The view was so icy cold, it made me shiver just looking at it.

Then we headed to Chinatown to pick up some fresh crab and lobster to take home.  They had to chill in the hotel tub for a while.  I feel for the cleaning staff that probably got quite a shock when they entered the bathroom!

Saturday night we got to enjoy Mediterranean food at Cedars restaurant in Hyde Park with our friend Amir.  His parents own the place so we got to sample all the best.  It was great to catch up with him and he even drove us by Obama's house which was a couple blocks away.  There was a For Sale sign in the lot so I asked why - Amir said the next door neighbor thinks he can get a great price now since it's next to the Obamas! 

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