Sunday, January 31, 2010

Culture Shock

I'm an Iowa girl and until I moved away, I didn't realize the pride that I have about my roots.  It was great to get home for an extended break from school but it was also like culture shock returning to the Midwest.

The good kind of culture shock - homemade Christmas cookies.  Hoo boy.  Feel the love.

The bad kind of culture shock.  Fashion at the local Fareway.  Can you read her hat?  It says "Flirt."

Video games with shotguns - haven't seen that in NY yet.  Playing Buck Hunter at the small town Collins bar with Chuck.  Love the price of drinks (free that night!) 

I was startled by clucking noise in the dark as I walked into my Great Aunt Betty's house.  Her rooster was sitting on the porch hanging out.  Betty told us he has walked into the house before to get out of the cold.  Smart bird.  But the dogs weren't happy about it and Betty had to rescue him from the dogs!  I petted the rooster and was surprised at how soft the feathers were.  Perhaps more feathers in my future designs...  Iowa inspiration.

It was good to be home again.  


1 comment:

  1. I believe the Rooster to be a Barred Rock, just a little more culture for you. ;) That's right, I know my chickens. Perhaps you should have purchased the "Flirt" hat, not to wear it, just so she wouldn't have it. Miss you!