Sunday, January 31, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Coming home to dogs is the most joyful experience.  Storm didn't disappoint.  She wagged until she was close enough to smell and realize it was me - then she was excited and kept jumping up to "nose-bump" me (her version of kisses).  So sweet! 

Where does a poor, time-crunched college student shop?  At the school bookstore!

Mom and Dad wore their new FIT parent shirts with pride.

Me and my girl.  And a snowman.

Brian (bro-in-law) was super excited to receive an Ohio State light-up sign for his man cave.  Go Hawks!  Just have to throw that in to balance things out a bit.

 It's pretty clear my family loves our pups!  Carissa (sista) showing off a new calendar and socks.

Christmas went by quickly but we were able to spend it together which is the best part. 

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