Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm starting my year abroad in Milan, Italy.  I will be studying for my 5th and 6th semester at Fashion Institute of Technology through a program at Politecnico di Milano.  FIT has a full program at their Bovisa campus.  I chose to study abroad because of the amazing experiences offered, the chance to learn about fashion from a different perspective, and in hopes of learning another language.

Practicing Italian gestures before we leave NYC

View of the Alps during my flight.  There are some mountain tops visible from  Milan far in the distance.

Angela unpacking in our residence hall room.  It's a nice facility but I'm ready to be in an apartment!

Certosa Residence - the one window with the shades up is our room.

Like I've seen in several big cities, the people of Milano are generally in shape.  The lifestyle of walking everywhere and eating very fresh foods without preservatives is wonderful.  I still have a hard time understanding how they manage to eat brioche every morning and yet maintain their figures...
Cappuccio and brioche for breakfast

Needle and thread near Cadorna Stazione.  It represents the transportation lines of Milano but I think it's fitting for representing fashion around Milano.

Navigli canals in the southern part of the city.  Pretty area.

Standing in front of a little covered area connected to the canals where women used to wash the family's clothes

Across the street from the residence hall where I will spend my first month in Milan, there is a supermercato.  I got this picture but got caught and scolded when I tried to take another shot of a can of "Prin-goooaaals."  Soccer (excuse me, futbol) is serious business here but fotos at the supermercato are not allowed.

Tomato sauce?  Yeah, we have that.